It is 10.30 am  during a school break when I called Augustino Emanuel for this interview in a group of other Msamaria children’s who came back home from school to collect education supplies.  At the begging Augustino was seems  very scared but later after explaining to him the purposed for our  meeting he  relaxed and his face more friendly.

After asking him to express himself Augustino explained as,

“My name is Augustino, I’m 14 years old, and am Form I,

Msitu wa Tembo Secondary School in this year.”


“In our family I’m the third born among 5 children of Emanuel William as father and Farida Ali my mumy. I used to leave with my parents who are very poor.”

“Since Msamaria rescue me from the street in November where I had been out of school for more than a year, I’m very happy nowadays because I got  more new friends than were I was before and the environment is good.”

“In our family although our parents are very poor but my mummy she was very encouraging with us to study hard in order to have a good life in the future and I real like to talk with her all the time beside to my father who was the “watchman”, he had very limited time with us”

“Now I’m enjoying my life here at Msamaria and I hope to achieve my dream be a solder when I grow up.”

Augustino Emanuel is among 74 children identified during the 1st quarter of this the targeted area, register and now mainstream in primary school again through the project called supporting urban children at risk through Msamaria Non Formal Education Programme.

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