It was 04.00pm when we do normal street visit around Moshi town the place where street children congregate. Msamaria staff works with some volunteers as informer, these some were former street children and shoe makers.

One of the informers came to us and reported about a girl he saw walking around in two days seemed need help, and then we decided to search for her around the market.

After almost an hour we met a girl at  Manyema market washing cooking pots to one of the food vandal, the place were full of people busy in a eating and drinking. The owner was a bit a scared once she saw us; after short introductions we were given a kind of cooperation we had expected.


Then we move a side and starting discussion as follows.

“My name is Amina, am 13 years old, the first born in family of two children.

I have been living with my mother and young brother before I decide to come to the street to seek for a job so that I could support my mother.

I don´t know if our father is alive or not since our mother didn´t like to disclose. Myself I consider as an Orphan.

I have been out of school in two years since my mother fails pay my school fees and all that time I was tried to explain to my teachers about my family situation no one cares, real felt very disappointed. Now am very excited as I will go school again.

The Msamaria management decide to accommodate Amina were in 2014, she had  completed primary education at Moshi primary school, now she is waiting for sponsor to go Secondary school, so that she could realize her dream.

“Am proud to be here, I promise to listen to our teachers and all volunteers who are working with us every day.”

 Amina is among 74 children identified during the 1st quarter of this project, he was identified, registered and NFE.

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