It was 10.00 am when I was walking at Moshi bus stand and I saw a group of six children carrying people’s with wheel barrow. I couldn’t easily figure out what they are doing if they do it for volunteering or payments.  As I struggled to observe, I managed to convince one of the boy to speak to me and join Msamaria NFE Programme, and this boy was Emanuel Sylvester.

It is more than a year now and Emanuel has become a model among his fellow children in the Msamaria NFE Programme and he feels that he was enjoying and benefiting from the program.

Years later, a team Msamaria staffs visiting Kisomachi Secondary school to meet one of Msamaria children  who have benefited from NFE to know how the boy feels about the programme and straight away Emanuel tells his story;


“My name is Emanuel Sylvester, am 15 years old, the second born in a family of 4 children.” I had been on the streets carrying people’s luggage in exchange of money.  I was lucky to be rescued by Msamaria Orphanage.

“On 2010 when I was in primary 6 at Pumu One primary school, I dropped because my grand pa, who was very old couldn´t manage to support him and us since all our parents were passed away sometimes ago.

“When I came to the street, I had a dream of acquiring job so that I can assist my grand pa but the situation was tough and a predictable.”

“Sometimes I had to steal from the passage’s money or valuable items like cellular phones or else you will go to sleep empty stomach.

“Since Msamaria rescued me from the street, and then joined Non-Formal Education classes were I had been prepared for the formal program and through that way now am very happy here at Kimochi Secondary school.

“I remember in the NFE after class we did arts activities like playing football, swings, dancing and boxing.”

“In Mondays the vehicle from Moshi International School picks us to the school where we are enjoying with them on many and well advance facilities available there like swimming, playing basket and basket and many more games.”

Emanuel were among 98 children identified during the 2st quarter of this project, he was identified, registered and NFE.

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