25 Nov 2017

Jazeel giving trip

After visiting the Masamaria Center and observing the process Mr. Yasser (the Founder of the Project and the Institution) in 2014, he intended to deliver the message of the Center through an integrated support program by starting to design a multilingual website to connect the center with  the world and contribute to the publication of the message. He established a Multi-affiliations voluntary team with a single goal,…

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13 Jun 2015

Our vision http://t.co/9uknEiRJAv

Our vision http://t.co/9uknEiRJAv

26 Nov 2014

Support Msamaria Kids to run on 30th November With…

Support Msamaria Kids to run on 30th November With Kilimanjaro Youth For Change to Stop AIDS http://t.co/Jq3CuglPeA

12 May 2014

Please support my fundraiser @ https://t.co/lSMwn…

Please support my fundraiser @ ammado.com/community/1477…

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